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Hair Color Correction in Summerville, SC


You found a picture online of a color that you absolutely loved, bought the tone yourself, and were sure it was going to come out looking exactly like the model… but it didn’t. Does this sound familiar? Sadly, sometimes even the professionals get a color procedure wrong or you change your mind afterwards and simply don’t like it. Whatever the reason, your hair needs to be stripped and recolored- fast. For those in the Summerville area, this can be done at Chroma Hair Studio. 

Don’t worry, color correction can be fixed!

Many clients come to us to “fix” what either they did at home or what another stylist did. In these situations, we often find multiple bands of different colors and tones, uneven re-growth, brassy highlights or faded lowlights, or just hair that need to be corrected all around. To do this, we stock multiple types of color, bleach, toning and corrective tools to ensure our results meet your color correcting needs, while ensuring the health and integrity of the hair itself. We don’t want to ruin it further, so it may take more than one visit to get your hair looking fabulous again.

Let our professional hair stylist assist you.

If your hair needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed right away. Don’t go another day hiding your color under a hat or avoiding seeing people you know. Chroma Hair Studio offers flexible appointment scheduling to accommodate even the busiest clients. After hours, weekends and on location are workable upon availability, so visit us soon and rediscover the beauty of your hair. Give us a call (843) 475-6328 or book your appointment online.


Give us a call (843) 475-6328 or book your appointment online.

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